Fort Pierce Computer Repair

Treasure Coast Network Solutions is located right here in Fort Pierce, Our certified computer technicians specialize in Fort Pierce Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Spyware, Adware Removal, Data Recovery Services, and more…

Fort Pierce Computer Repair Services

Serving customers in Fort Pierce Florida since 1998, Treasure Coast Network Solutions delivers high quality customer support, computer repairs and other IT repairs at stellar prices. Whether you need hardware support in-person, or remote software assistance, the company’s technicians can get the job done.

The beauty of being a mobile service is that our technicians can travel to any location in the area, the convenience of in-person computer repair San Jose Blvd Jacksonville FL.

Our professional computer repair technicians work in a variety of settings, encompassing both the public and private sectors. Our computer repair technicians perform similar physical and investigative processes, including remote and onsite technical support. Our Experienced computer repair technicians specialize in fields such as data recovery, system administration, and information systems.

We are the Fort Pierce Computer Repair Specialists

There is nothing worse than an unhappy customer who has lost data, or has a PC that won’t even boot up, and that is why we strive to make sure our customers are satisfied and aware of where they stand in the computer repair process. We offer FREE diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing, and after our diagnostics is complete, a technician will call you and give you the status of your computer or device as well as the price for the PC repair and other recommendation. You can trust our local Fort Pierce IT and computer repair service to solve and advise on all of your computer problems.

No Surprise Fort Pierce Computer Services

We believe in no surprise at Fort Pierce computer services so all prices are told right after the free diagnostics takes place.


Fort Pierce Computer Repair

Other Popular Services:

Fort Pierce Chamber of Commerce

  • Fort Pierce Computer Installation

Buying a computer is a big decision however we offer a simple decision when it comes to setting it up. We will come to your home or office and provide a computer installation service covering software, hardware and printers. While there we can network and transfer files. When speaking to us make us aware of your expectations.

  • Pre-Buy Computer Service

Have you ever heard of overkill? Speak to us and we will listen to what you use your computer for and we will get you a computer that will be perfect for what you actually use the computer for. People don’t know what type of computer is needed and often overspend on a new computer. So use our pre-buy service and we will draw up a proposal and see if it meets your needs.

  • Custom Built Computers

Want a computer built to your specifications? You don’t need a brand name when you have solid manufacturer warranties. We build custom ‘Super’ computers all the time for gamers or people who require heavy computing. When you need a Fort Pierce Custom Computer call us.

  • Password Reset

Many times we meet clients that inherit a computer or just simply forgot there password. We can reset the password on your computer so you can log back in.

  • Printer Setup / Network

Buying a new printer sounds easy but setting it up is a different story. We can setup wireless printers or just make the printer work with a single computer.

  • Internet Troubleshooting

Can get online? We are able to solve this computer issue.

  • Reinstall Operating System (Windows or Apple)

If your computer is at a point where it has to be reinstalled we can handle that. We offer FREE DIAGNOSTICS on computer problems and most of the times we can fix the problem without reinstalling the whole operating system.

  • Software Installation/Re-installation

Have a program that is giving you trouble? Let our technicians help this common computer problem. You worry about your day we will worry about the problems.

  • Fort Pierce Server Installation

When you purchase a new server it is important to set it up properly. Many times they are installed wrong and the performance of the environment is effected negatively. Let our IT technicians install your server and setup the environment.

  • Email Setup

Need help configuring your email to your Outlook, Thunderbird, Blackberry, Android, iPhone. We will do the grunt work to get your email address working properly.

  • Online Backup

Lazy about backing up or want to backup online with the ‘Cloud’? call us and we have several options to help you.

  • Monthly Service Plans

We can handle any business on Fort Pierce. Speak to us about monthly service plans to keep your business up and running.

  • Fort Pierce Computer House Calls

Have a problem and need your computer to stay with you at all times try our concierge service. We can do mostly everything you need on-site (*Hourly rates apply).

  • Fort Pierce IT Consulting

Have an IT problem and need an IT Company able to service your business. Our Fort Pierce IT Consultants are able to perform any task with our expert computer service. We can start your network from scratch or take over after another tech company has stopped.  Our Fort Pierce IT consulting service has you covered.

  • Fort Pierce Cabling

Running wires? We can run your network cables or phone cables in your office or new location.