Getting a New Computer for Christmas? What you need to know..

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Many people will have computers on their shopping lists this holiday season. But as any computer repair service will tell you, setting these machines up isn’t always easy. You may run into startup problems shortly after it’s been unwrapped. Here at Treasure Coasat Network Solutions, we want to help you avoid this problem. Whether you’re receiving a new computer or giving one to someone else, take a look at our handy holiday advice for setting up new computers:

  • Get to know Windows 10 – Familiarize yourself with the computer’s operating system. PCs run on different software than Macs, so it’s wise to spend time learning about your computer’s specific functions and programming (such as keyboard commands). A great way to do this is by reading the computer’s manual or visiting the manufacturer’s website.
  • Install virus and spyware protection – Make sure you immediately install some type of software for virus and malware protection. Many computers have this built-in, but you should still consider other preventative software. This can help extend the life of your computer while also helping keep your data safe.
  • Determine a backup system – Speaking of data, it’s always recommended that you have some other way to back up your computer files in the event something should go wrong. The holidays are a great time to invest in an inexpensive hard drive.
  • Remove unnecessary programs – Unfortunately, many new computers have some “fluff” programs installed as a way show new buyers how advanced their new machines are. However, these programs are practically useless and often cause a computer to slow down. Make sure to uninstall these programs or ask your computer repair shop to do it for you.
  • Personalize your computer – Finally, spend some time making your computer your own. Add a personal picture to the desktop or change up the theme.
  • Make sure your computer has the most current available updates –


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